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The Stanley Francis Foundation was established in 1999 by an endowment from Stanley and Elizabeth Francis. The income from the endowment augmented by fund raising activities is spent on charitable activities, in Canada and developing countries, approved by the Canadian Governmentís Revenue Agency (CCRA). All work, from the members of the Board of Trustees to the persons in charge of each project are performed on a voluntary basis, so that one hundred percent of funds raised are spent directly on charitable projects.


The primary focus of the Foundation is the education and training of disadvantaged persons to equip them with the knowledge and skills to become independent, self sufficient and contributing members of society.

The main activities of the Foundation are:

  • Fund raising and support for the Horizons Childrenís Home in Sandema, Ghana which aims to address the basic needs of food, shelter medical care, counselling, formal education and/or vocational training for street children who are orphans or who have been neglected or abandoned by their families.

  • Fund raising and support for Nav Yatra ( New Journey) a project in Trivandrum, South India to train mentally challenged persons to participate in activities such as hand made paper, paper arts and crafts, screen printing, batik, candle making, herbal gardening, bee keeping , care of fish, animals and birds, all in an ecological habitat specially designed and built to enable the restoration of the earth, growing fruits and vegetables organically, integrating water conservation and rainwater collection methods and using biogas, solar energy, and agricultural waste as fuels for cooking and lighting.

  • The provision of scholarships, donations and volunteer support to Youth Assisting Youth, a Toronto based charitable organization established in 1976 to keep at risk children in school and out of the juvenile justice system by matching an ďat riskĒ child aged 6 to 15 with a youth volunteer aged 16 to 29 who has received special training to provide a positive youth role model.

  • Providing volunteer services and a limited amount of donations, to other charitable causes, especially for victims of natural disasters and catastrophes.


The Foundation currently concentrates most of its limited resources in funding the three projects outlined earlier that that best meets its objectives. Horizons Childrenís Home and Nav Yatra are two of the Foundationís own Projects approved by CCRA while Youth Assisting Youth is a registered Charitable organization which the Foundation supports with donations and volunteer services.

Each of the Foundationís projects is headed by a Volunteer who co-
ordinates and supervises all its activities from fund raising to running the
programs within the budgets and parameters approved by the Foundation.


In one or more of the following ways:

  • You can make a donation to the Foundation to by used at its discretion in one or more of the of the Foundationís activities.

  • You can make a donation directed towards the particular project you wish your donation to support.

  • You can volunteer your services towards fund raising for the Foundationís activities.


Stanley Francis Foundation
Attention Stanley Francis
22 Rustywood Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3A 1R8
Telephone 416-444-9171

Horizons Childrens Home
Attention Heather Menezes
24 Marblemount Crescent
Toronto, Ontario, M1T 2H4
Telephone 416-494-2132

Nav Yatra (New Journey)
Attention Stanley Francis
At above address
Keith Saldanha Email:

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