Dearest Friends, 

Warm greetings from the Sandema Horizons Children’s Project!  Established in  August 2000, our program provides education and housing to orphaned and/or abandoned children in a rural town in northern Ghana.

The past months have been full of activity at our small home in Sandema.  In August 2001, I returned to Ghana for a wonderful visit with the children.  They are all growing up so fast!  It was inspiring to see how well they are doing in school and how actively they participate in family life.  I had a chance to meet their teachers, who spoke positively about the boys and their academic work.  Some are doing better than others, but they are all trying their best.
The main purpose of my trip was to assist our local Program Coordinator (Simon Akoba) and our Advisory Board (see page 5) in expanding the program.  This entailed moving to a larger home, which can accommodate more than double the number of children as our previous house (up to 30 boys). 

This issue features photos of our newest additions, some details about the ‘big move’, and some pictures that depict daily life at the home.  There is also a write-up about members of our local volunteer Advisory Board, whose dedication and commitment have been invaluable to our project.

As always, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you in the USA and Canada who have contributed so generously to Horizons.  Your support is helping us to change the world…one person at a time.  Happy reading!
Heather Menezes


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